Getting into the Admitad Projects Incubator: What Does It Mean

11 benefits of an incubator for a startup studio. How it works in practice and what advantages a project receives

We have made this list of 11 incubation benefits during an opinion survey among startups and incoming applicants.


If the founder:

  • does not understand how to implement their project;
  • does not know whether their product will be commercially successful;
  • thinks this idea has already been implemented but failed to monetize;
  • needs advice from experienced people in the area of interest,

then they can get help from the mentors of Admitad Projects who will guide them in the right direction. Our studio mentors have real experience in running a business, investing in startups, and launching projects. They can evaluate the idea, its prospects, and profitability both at-large and from the standpoint of unit economics. 

Also, the founder gets an outside perspective without thinking “This is my project, therefore it’s the best thing ever, and everyone needs it.” Mentors can not only give advice but also help refine the project and introduce new ideas for its growth. After the initial analysis of the startup, the founder will understand whether the project has prospects, what its weaknesses are, and what needs to be done to correct them.

General Development of the Project

The studio experts can help the project on all stages of its development, including: 

  • analyzing its current status and prospects;
  • planning its growth and strategy;
  • if the project is not progressing or key metrics are unsatisfactory, developing pivot options (changing the essence of the product);
  • integrating the startup with the market and/or existing projects to make it reach breakeven faster.


The marketers of Admitad Projects have worked with budgets of tens of thousands of dollars. They can select an effective marketing strategy from launch to optimizing and scaling channels of customer acquisition. Their experience helps them build the necessary toolsets that will generate leads and sales. 


One of the key advantages our studio offers is a cohesive team with a back-office full of specialists in different areas: developers, lawyers, accountants, marketers, and so on. Instead of headhunting and hiring staff, the startup founder can focus on testing hypotheses and preparing for the launch. 


The incubator can provide financial resources for every step of implementation, from creating an MVP to further pivoting and supporting the project until it reaches breakeven. The incubator provides up to 3 million roubles for testing ideas. The startup can also receive up to $2 million from our Admitad Invest fund.


The startup studio’s connections allow you to maximize the effectiveness of your startup’s interactions with major advertisers and webmasters. It also backs your reputation up with the power and authority of Admitad Invest. In 2019, the studio launched nine projects; each of them contributed new useful connections to our pool that can be now used for the sake of developing other projects.


There is full tech support to implement the founder’s ideas. We can write the code, run the application, publish and support it. We’ve got a full range of tools for technical implementation.


Startup founders often lack skills and competence in some areas. The incubator can help you with that. Just voice the problem and get it answered by true experts. We’re ready to provide cases for your training and study. As for 2019 alone, we have a “graveyard” of around 200 projects, and you can use its data for your own growth. There is no need to search for local experts; Admitad Projects will support you remotely. 

Another advantage is that our staff will immediately point out your mistakes, indicating what would help to correct them. Moreover, the incubator nurtures teamwork between various professionals, relieving the founder from the managerial tasks.

Going from Offline to Online

The incubator supports promising projects that want to scale by going online. In most cases, offline entrepreneurs lack experience in transforming and digitizing their businesses. But our startup studio has got well-tried ways of moving the whole business online.


Admitad Projects can build the startup’s commercial and business processes using the experience of different-level specialists, from copywriters and content strategists to marketers and your individual head of sales.

Entering the International Market

The development strategy created in the incubator will allow the project to enter other markets. The startup can try out how the business model works in Russian Federation, get feedback, and then expand to foreign markets. 

In addition to building the strategy, Admitad Projects can take care of the communication with potential partners and advertisers abroad.

How Do I Get into Admitad?

Information about the startup studio can be found on the website. If you are ready to work with us, you need to:

  • Submit an application here.
  • Get our reply (if the project seems promising, we will contact you).
  • Agree on further collaboration (from going through the selection process to actually working together). 

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