How to get on Google Trends and make 33 sales in 10 days

A combination of and Push.World helps us get sales and outreach of 100,000+ users. What’s fun in using and Push.World together?

Hey! My name is Dayana Bolshakova, I am the editor of the media platform.

Over the past six months, we have written over 150 advertising texts for various brands. We were writing about insurance, cosmetics, clothing, jewelry, appliances, banking products, food delivery services, online courses, and even pet supplies.

Let’s analyze how the tandem of and Push.World works using the example of the Pretty Cosmetics advertiser.

The Thing about Combining and Push.World is a lifestyle media with an active target audience (more than 700,000 users per month). We form a clear vision of our brand through media placements.

Push.World is a service for sending push notifications. It collects subscribers and triggers scenarios to return customers back to purchasing products. The process continues along the entire chain, including the advertiser’s website, email newsletters, and push send-outs across the segments of the service’s own database.

The traffic is filtered and warmed up towards the targeted action through articles posted on Then, Push.World accumulates leads into its asset of subscribers and reduces the churn rate via automatic retargeting. The advertiser receives 100,000+ user outreach and sales. The sales volume depends on particular goods and services. + Push.World = Outreach + Sales

The Pretty Cosmetics brand started as a group on the VKontakte social network in 2014 as Korean cosmetics were already trending at that time. In 2016, it launched its own store. They were testing various formats of media placements, including influencers and opinion leaders. Bloggers received relevant products and made reviews on their platforms. The brand awareness grew rather quickly, but, oddly enough, several major collaborations did not lead to any significant engagement increasing.

The main task that Pretty Cosmetics gave to us is increasing brand awareness and hair product sales. We started by writing a brief for an article with an emphasis on two professional Korean brands, Esthetic House and Lador. We then were supposed to describe the properties and high quality of the products.

Tandem Performance: Case of Pretty Cosmetics

We decided on the following structure: 

  • engaging lead;
  • understanding who can generally use Korean hair products;
  • story of each brand;
  • a detailed description of the product line (shampoo, conditioner, mask, etc.);
  • benefits of each product.

The headline (Korean Hair Care: Why the Whole World Is Crazy about It) turned out to be intriguing and catchy. In the article, we added links to products. The material was useful and succeeded in warming up readers as they got acquainted with the product and decided whether they should visit the website and make a purchase. The article included some trigger return scenarios that would make readers come back to the Pretty Cosmetics website.

We also enabled push notifications on the website which solved the problem of churning customers and returning those who failed to buy anything for some reason. Besides, the article was uploaded to our social pages on Yandex.Zen, Facebook, and Telegram.

Then we connected Push.World to our article. Using push retargeting, we hooked readers of the article who did not follow the advertiser’s link. In addition, there were send-outs across our segmented database of push-subscribers to provide maximum outreach while working with the Beauty and Cosmetics target audience.

Karina Nasyrova, Head of Account Managers at Push.World:

“Triggered push campaigns on were launched together with publication and started showing conversions after the article was posted. By the end of the month, the CTR reached 4%. It’s not the highest, but nonetheless, efficient placements are achieved by synchronizing all elements of the funnel.”

Screenshot of the article Korean Hair Care: Why the Whole World Is Crazy about It posted on

Screenshot of the mailing list. The send-out generated 210 visits to the client’s website

Screenshot from the Push.World personal account. Push-retargeting CTR — 3.95%

Before collaborating with Pretty Cosmetics, we did write some articles on such products, but they were mostly top-lists, for example:

  • What Kind of Care Cosmetics Suits Different Skin Types;
  • Why Pay More? Budget-Friendly Alternatives of Luxury Care Products;
  • Experts Named Top-10 Best Face Serums.

When the information is presented in this way, it reads easily, and the audience reacts to it positively. In the case of Pretty Cosmetics, we got a clear task of promoting specific brands, but the article managed to review several products from different lines. This way, each reader could find something useful.

Hacking Google Discover Sales

The article was released on May 15th. Three days later, Yandex.Metrica showed almost 60,000 visits, which was 3 times higher than we expected. The traffic poured in not only from the websites of our partners but from Google Discover as well. Our material made its way on Google Trends, confirming again that we chose the right topic for our article. 

It’s not easy to get on Google Discover with an advertising article. To do that, you need an interesting topic with a trend that’s only starting to grow. It is exactly what happened to Korean cosmetics. We were using this free service before to predict growing trends in other publications. But this was the first time we got so much traffic (67%) from it. High-quality images were also essential as Google’s algorithm favors high-quality content. And of course, we also got very lucky, too. :)

Screenshot from Yandex.Metrika on 05/17/2020

We did not pay for the extra promotion of our Yandex.Zen channel, but we tested several different titles and covers to influence organic reads. We came up with three headlines and three covers. The article was trending for three days with each title and cover; then we compared its performance with previous showings.

The option that we used on the website worked best: a woman on the cover with the title Korean Hair Care: Why the Whole World Is Crazy about It. The article got 28,155 displays on trending, 1,745 finished reads, and 4,088 minutes of viewing with 13.7% CTR in the feed.

Screenshot of the article Korean Hair Care: Why the Whole World Is Crazy about It and its metrics from Yandex.Zen

We do not take into account sales for each of the connected instruments. Our task is delivering an automated all-in-one solution. Combined, we got:

  • 65% of finished reads, 6.24% of refusals;
  • 3,200 visits to our client’s website;
  • 33 sales (almost all purchased items were those recommended in the article).

Screenshot from Yandex.Metrika on 06/17/2020

All in all, we continue our work with Pretty Cosmetics and are preparing several new materials.


  • When working with media placements, we recommend you look for fully integrated solutions. We reached maximum sales when combining and Push. World to attract and retain new traffic.
  • Don’t forget to direct your text. As you know, search engines don’t like it when users stop reading halfway. Using Webvisor, you can see how the audience behaves, where it stumbles, so you should edit the text and post it again. The percentage of finished reads should be high.
  • This may sound trivial, but be sure to analyze Google Trends. Select high-quality illustrations, create and adapt content for hyped-up trends even when the client insists on writing about something specific. The more information you get, the more complete picture you obtain. It transfers easily into additional sources of traffic.
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