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Come and launch a big business out of your small startup

A startup studio is a co-founder who has the knowledge, resources, and experience at every stage of building a business

The most comfortable working conditions

  • We’ll share our 10 years of experience in creating products and developing the Admitad company
  • We will invest money in your startup at all stages from developing an idea to scaling. Up to 3 million rubles to test and implement an idea
  • We will help you draw up a personal roadmap for your startup, using our experience and expertise
  • Full access to our services: Sales House, lawyers, development, office and workplace, marketers, HR, accounting, tracking
  • Expertise and mentoring of the Admitad Invest
  • Sharing our existing customers with you to assist fast scaling (for products with a proven value)

The studio simulates a conventional venture market

Round A
BacklogClient segment, finding a solution and confirming the problem, first X-money salesEndorsing a decision and initial proving of benefit, MVPMini scaling, XXX-money sales, repeat salesConfirming value proposition in the channel, learning to constantly make XXXX-money sales, break-even resultsUnit economics breaks even when scaling. Accelerating sales, searching for large customers, revenue growing x3 per year
External projects and ideas

For whom

  • You have experience in building a small business, so now you want a large company’s expertise to develop your project?
  • You have a startup idea but don’t know how to test it?
  • You have an MVP but it needs more experience and expertise to avoid mistakes and grow faster?
  • You have spent all your money on developing MVP, so now you need funding?
  • You tried launching the project yourself, but it didn’t work?
  • You feel stuck, so you need knowledgeable mentors to grow faster?

How it works

  1. Fill out the application
  2. We will contact you for a short interview to understand how exactly we can help
  3. After the interview, we will send you an invitation to our6-week remote program where we will work together
  4. Based on the results of the program, we will make you a personal offer to join our startup studio

Admitad/Projects report 2020

Studio work has several directions

  • Admitad Projects First Steps

    The main task of our 6-week school is to increase the competence of the team or the project founder. We find their strengths and work on them. Classes are focused on solving practical startup problems, there is no unnecessary outdated theoretics. Learn more

  • Incubator

    Here, we collect and test ideas of both internal and external projects. As a result, we confirm the value, create an MVP, and get the first sales. How our incubator works

    Getting into the Incubator: What Does It Mean

    Incubator: How It Works

  • Accelerator

    The next stage of the project’s growth involves scaling sales, searching for product-market fit, and entering new markets. The aim is to increase revenue x3 in a year. Learn more

  • Sales and marketing house

    Centralized sales unit for the startup studio products. Learn more