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We create startups from the ground up, customized for the needs of investment funds and companies

The customer receives a controlling interest in a seed+ stage startup with a team, MVP, and system sales

Direct experience in creating and managing design departments, investment funds, incubators, and accelerators. Use our help if:

  • There is no project on the market that meets your needs
  • You have trouble reaching common ground with a project and/or you have a different take on its development
  • There is a market trend that you want to pursue quickly
  • There are many ideas you want to test out quickly, but creating a designated department would take too long
  • You want an additional source of tested hypotheses/startups for your pipeline
  • The internal department works too slow or at the expense of the core business processes
  • Newly created innovations do not integrate well with the core business
  • You need to test a new product without compromising your reputation or brand

We create startups meeting the customers specified criteria:

  • theme and niche;
  • use of certain technologies;
  • market and growth potential;
  • profitability;
  • monetization model;
  • copying and improving existing alternatives.

Some of the projects created for the parent company Admitad acting as customer:

  • A push notifications service for effective visitor interaction. A tool for remarketing and returning abandoned actions
  • A platform for advertisers and bloggers across Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and VKontakte
  • Resize generator for static and animated creatives. With it, you can quickly and easily create sets of banners for Google Ads, Facebook, Instagram, Yandex, MyTarget, IAB, Double Click
  • Using this set of products, large media companies earn extra CPA money without affecting their main monetization methods
  • Service for listing items on marketplaces
  • Display advertising and receipt promotions with CPA
  • Online insurance service providing user rewards for each drawn-up policy
  • Marketing websites with subscriptions for legal entities
  • Mobile app accumulating statistics on user purchases with a regular audience of >1 million people
  • Service assisting students from Russia and CIS to enroll in master’s, bachelor’s, and postgraduate programs abroad
  • Price-checking app for sneakers in the best Russian and European stores
  • An average of 2 months to test an idea
  • An average of 4 months to create a pre-seed stage project
  • An average of 6 months to the first $ 10,000 of turnover

How it works, illustrated by the idea testing process

  1. Idea

    Initial idea testing (whether it fits)

  2. Searching for an entrepreneur

    Alternatives, competitors, and generating hypotheses

  3. Designing an experiment & criteria for positive and negative results

    Creating the first artifacts (website, slide deck, etc.)

  4. First leads (online/offline)

    Lead processing (reports on collected data after each iteration)

  5. Evaluating & analyzing data; generating new hypotheses

    Finding the answer (pay or sign contracts for positive results only)

  6. The entire process and each step are closed: testing ideas → launching → scaling

    At each stage, we use our connections, experience, and expertise

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