We turn ideas → into working online businesses ✓ in mobile and web development ♡


We specialize in web and mobile projects in the ecommerce segment (B2B, B2C)

  • A push notifications service for effective visitor interaction. A tool for remarketing and returning abandoned actions
  • A platform for advertisers and bloggers across Instagram, Youtube, Twitter, Telegram, Facebook, and VKontakte
  • The service helps make banners, videos, and html5 creatives for Google Display Network, Yandex Advertising Network, and social media platforms
  • Using this set of products, large media companies earn extra CPA money without affecting their main monetization methods

Admitad/Projects report 2020

What does the startup-studio do

  • Submit your startup or idea

    We help make big companies out of small startups and ideas. You’ll get our knowledge, resources, and 10 years of experience in creating products and businesses. Application for a startup studio is open 24 / 7.

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  • Looking for projects as an investor or company?

    We create custom-built startups for companies and investment funds meeting their specified criteria. As a result, the customer receives a controlling interest in a seed+ stage startup with a team, MVP, and system sales.

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